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Some Users Report, Samsung Galaxy M31 Update Rendering Phones Unusable

Samsung Galaxy M31
Written by Himanshu Gupta

Samsung Galaxy M3 -expeditious this week, in April 2020, obtained a new software update-the the budget smartphone by the South Korean giant.

Samsung Galaxy M3 -expeditious this week, in April 2020, obtained a new software update-the the budget smartphone by the South Korean giant. It emerges to have come with some bags that are producing issues to users. As the latest software update was signified to provide various security fixes. While installing the latest update, various affected users reported that their Samsung Galaxy M31 bricked.  Some Samsung Galaxy A70 users in the country, besides reported similar issues, who attain an Android 10 update along with One UI 2.0.

Samsung Galaxy M31

While undertaking to install the latest update various Samsung Galaxy M31 users ended up bricking their phones, according to the reports on Twitter. According to the users, the handset detail gets stuck during the installation process.

Several of the affected users also announce similar problems on the Samsung Community forums. While installing the new software, the pretended users highlighted that since the phone gets bricked. To fix the problem they aren’t able to even perform a factory restore.

From a third-party source, even though several users assert that they were able to resolve the issue after downloading a foregoing firmware. It can cause even serious problems as it isn’t recommended as failing to flash the software.

After installing the Android 10 update that approaches with One UI 2.0. As per the Galaxy M31, various Galaxy A70 users in India have also reported alike bricking issues. As per the reports of Sam Mobile, the trouble on the Galaxy A70 was caused by a hardware mismatch. In the case of the Galaxy M31, it isn’t likely to be the reason.

To avoid further issues, several reports also advise that Samsung has halted the update rollout for both the Samsung Galaxy M31 and Galaxy A70.

struggles due to lockdown

Due to the nationwide lockdown all of which are closed, the users whose phones are bricked have no recess until they can reach a company service center, as Samsung may attach the issue in a future software update. Either to the user’s company’s social media has not been much help. Even so, it is unclear whether the company plans to do that, Samsung does have the option to remotely serve its customers.

When the company responds it will update this space, as Gadgets 360 has extend out to Samsung India for a comment on the matter. To avoid facing any issues, it is advisable to not install the latest update.

In February this year, Samsung Galaxy M31 is one of the company’s latest phones in the country as it was launched.

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