Room Heater for winter in India
Room Heater for winter in India

In winters when the temperature drops and the blankets are not sufficient enough to keep you warm and comfortable. Room Heater for winter in India comes into the role of a life-saving solution during those cold chilly nights.

These budget-friendly devices convert power into heat and save electricity bills than the centralized heating systems. The small electrical appliance is powerful enough to heat a small room. And gives utmost comfort and care in the cold freezing weather conditions.

While choosing a room heater you may come across many factors like heating the room nicely, safety factors related to its warranty, power consumption, etc.

So to choose the Best Room Heater for Winter in India to go through the article where we have provided you the list of the Best Room Heater for winter in India. Before that let’s have a look at some important points.

Why Should You choose a room heater rather than a centralized heating system?

While some of the heaters need to be mounted on the wall or floor most of them are portable and small. So you don’t need many renovations to use a room heater. Using a centralized heating system can be a wastage of energy when you require only one heated room. Therefore buying a room heater is always beneficial in terms of costings. Compared to other heating systems Room Heater for winter in India costs very low.  Some of the models even come under 1000 rupees which is almost 10 times lesser than the price of a central heating system. Room heaters are user-friendly.

The basic models have a single dial to regulate the heat while other advanced models with a remote control system allow you to operate the device as per your comfort. In a small room, an infrared heater can provide heating, and in a larger room ceramic or oil-filled heater can heat up the entire space uniformly. In Addition, Most of the heaters are portable, even the big size power heaters now have castor wheels. Room heaters are very safe to use. They have tipped over cut off, auto-off and the gas-fuelled heater also has low oxygen level sensor.

How to Choose the Best Room Heater for winter in India for your Home?

However, the energy cost is increasing people are looking for economical and safe ways to heat their rooms. An electric room heater is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get some warmth during winters. While you look around in the market, you’ll find many of the variants. To choose one among them proves to be a difficult task. Above All, To help you out with this we are providing each and every detail required for purchasing the Room Heater for winter in India.

1.Fuel Type

Heaters are fuelled by one of the three types – Electricity, Natural gas or Propane gas. However, in India Electricity is use as fuel for the heaters.

a) Electricity

All kinds of commonly found heaters ceramic, inferred, oil-filtered and radiant heaters use electricity as a fuel. It is the most commonly used room heater.

Basically, these heaters use electricity so as to heat the metal elements which is then transferred to ceramic, oil, quartz-based on the heater type.

b) Gas Heaters

Gas Heaters use a gas hook up and an ignition source such as matches or an electrical ignition device. Primarily, they are used to heat outdoor air. As compared to the electrical heaters, gas heaters heat up the air which lingers for a longer time. In Addition, They are of two types, a natural gas heater which needs to be mounted on a wall and a propane gas heater which comes with a portable tank.

Natural gas Natural gas-fuelled heaters are wall-mount and are not portable, sometimes they can be floor-mounted. They are connected to your home gas supply and it must be installed by a professional gas installer engineer. The installation cost is high, but the running cost is low. Therefore, Keeping health and safety issues in mind it must be installed in a proper location with good ventilation.

Propane Propane gas heaters work by connecting to a propane gas-filled tank. These tanks are portable and do not need a gas line connection. In conclusion, they are commonly use in garages, workshops, industries and large basements.

2. Heating Technologies

Heaters heat the room by the use of one of the three technologies- Convection, Infrared and Mica thermic to heat the room. Some heaters heat the whole room while others heat the objects and people around them.

a) Convection heating

Convection heating is the most common heating method used for heating single rooms. They are the best for keeping the room heated for a long period of time. Function proceeds bypassing electricity across the heating elements (electric coil/wire or oil) which heats the air over the element. Therefore, the heated air heats the entire room by the process of convection.

Often the method incorporates a fan- called fan-forced heaters – to circulate the warmth evenly in the room or it can work without it also. The fan takes the cool air and passes it over the heating element- ceramic or metal. The heating element heats the air then leaves it as convection currents warm up the air inside the room. They can heat a well-insulated space faster than a heater without a fan.


In Conclusion, using it without a fan, the heating element is surrounded by water or oil and the heating process starts slowly. The heating works by heating the liquid first and then transferring the heat to the surrounding. However, they are capable to produce more heat as the liquid stays hot inside the heater after switching the device off.

b) Radiant and Infrared Heating

Radiant heating working is different from convection heating. Instead of warming up the air the heat radiates to the objects and people in front of it. They deliver focused heat and the energy wastage is also reduced. They are not as effective as convection heater; the heat is long-lasting as is stays within the objects and not in the air. They provide instant warmth to a particular space and therefore are largely used in living rooms, office rooms, bedrooms, and other small rooms.

Infrared heating works in the same way as radiant heating. Basically, infrared quartz bulbs are used as heating. Both types of methods, provide soft and consistent heat and are used for centralized heating.

c) Micathermic Heating

It is a combination of convection and radiant heating. These use electric coils to heat large and thin plates of mica which retains heat for a longer time. This heat radiates off the mica plates and then followed by natural convection circulate warm air across the room. This fan-less heating system delivers even heat, works silently and keeps dust away. Most of them are wall-mounted or can be placed on the floor

3. Types of Room Heater for winter in India

a) Ceramic heaters

They use a ceramic heating element of positive temperature coefficient (PTC). The PTC elements have control over the temperature; the temperature reduces after reaching the desired level. This ensures safe heating, saves energy and durability of the ceramic heaters.

Ceramic heaters can be both convection and radiant.

b) Oil-filled heaters

Also known as column heater is another form of convention heater. Though they are called oil-heater they run by electricity, oil is used as a heat reservoir.

There are several metal columns with cavities, inside the heater. A heating element at the base heats up the oil which flows through the cavity of the columns. The heat from the oil, through conduction, is transfer to the metal walls, and then to the surrounding air via convection and radiation.

The columns are set in a way that allows more air to come in contact. And therefore the heat is transferred rapidly for consistent warmth. These heaters take some time in heating the oil but provide a generous amount of heat.

c) Infrared Heaters

Also called Radiant Infrared heaters works following the same principle which heats the earth. These heaters use thermal energy which is transferred as heat to the objects and people. In Contrast, it uses two types of heating elements Quartz tubes and Tubular Heating Element.

4. Designs of Room Heater

  1. Baseboard heater is a modern type of convection heaters. They can be placed anywhere in the room without occupying much space. Baseboard heater is mostly water or oil filled and thereby the warmth takes some time to spread.
  2. Free Standing portable heater two common variations are – Oil-filled and radiator ceramic heaters. They are widely used all over the world. Like the baseboard heaters, they also work by convection heating method. Usually, these have a small appearance except oil-filled heaters.
  3. Wall heaters are typically the ceramic heaters with fans. You can mount them anywhere on the wall. They operate on a very low watt are thereby energy efficient.
  4. Electric Fireplace Heater is alternatives to conventional room heaters. They sometimes produce flames by LED lights. Heat is produce by radiation or convection. They can heat bigger rooms.

Top 7 Best Room Heater for Winter in India 2019

1. Orpat OEH-1220 2000 Watt Fan Heater (White)


Orpat fan room heater has a cool touch body, non-sagging, and a stylish design. It has 2 heat settings – 1000W and 2000W that can be adjusted by the use of a tuner switch on the top. Orpat has a thermal cut-off feature to interrupt the power supply when the specific temperature exceeds. It utilizes 15A of current to heat the room. Above all, The cool touch exterior design makes it comfortable to touch and it can be conveniently stored in a safe place. The built-in handle helps move it freely from one location to another while operating.

The heating element in this device ensures wide-spreading. The heater has a 1-year warranty.

The fan produces a lot of noise when working continuously for hours and its design is not capable to support heating for large rooms.

Specifications –

  • Thermal cut off feature.
  • Long life heating element.
  • Safety mesh grill.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Non-sagging, cool-touch body.
  • 2 heat setting knobs (1000 W & 2000 W).
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized rooms.

Disadvantages –

  • Non- ideal for large rooms.
  • The fan produces noise.
  • Spread heat in one direction.

2. Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000W Comforter


Havells is known for its coolers, lighting and high-quality fans. It has a 2000 Watt comforter that has the capacity to control the temperature of a room. It is one of the best options in our list Room Heater for Winter in India. The heating element inside the device produces heat which blows out with the help of a blower fan.

A thermostat control knob controls the kind of heat that disperses into the room. It has a smooth finish and the outer body is coated with cool-touch paint, which will save you from burns in case you touch it. The comforter comes with 2 overheat protection to protect the device from overheating. Additionally, there is a cooling fan inside which controls the temperature of the appliance and prevents it from overheating. The product has a 1-year manufacturer warranty. It is costlier than other products.

Specifications –

  • Easy and portable
  • Double overheat protection
  • Cooling fan to cool the appliance in case of overheating
  • Thermostat knobs
  • Adjustable wind vent
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty

3. Usha 423N Heat Converter (Black)


Usha has a collection of variety and best quality of room heaters for a  long time. This is an ISI mark quality device. This room heater has 2000W power consumption but can be tuned down to a total of 3 heating levels- 665 watts, 1330 watts, and 2000 watts.

It has a duo turbo design with 2 different fan speed options. At the side of the device, a night light indicator is present to maintain the temperature even during the nights too. In Contrast, A safety thermal cut out ensures the safety of the device at the time of overheating. The product has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Specifications –

  • Spot heating
  • Operates at 665W,1330W and 2000W power
  • 2 different fan speed options
  • Night light indicator
  • Safety thermal cut out
  • ISI Marked device
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty 

Disadvantages –

  • Design is not that attractive
  • Little Noisy in operation.

4. Bajaj Flashy 1000W Room Heater


Bajaj flashy room heater comes with a superior heating element in a compact and stylish design. It comprises of nickel chrome plated reflector which is corrosion resistance, increases surface hardness. The heating element of this device is very efficient. A corrugated reflecting surface on the heater helps transfer the heat evenly. After that, the heating element or rod takes some time to produce heat and spreads warmness all around the room. In Contrast, it has a flexible stand at the bottom for strong support which, is meant for small and medium-sized rooms. In addition, Bajaj Flashy has a 2-year warranty. It uses nickel chrome plate reflector which increases the lifespan of the device.


  • Superior heating element.
  • 2 years of warranty services.
  • 1000W power supply.
  • Nickel chrome plated reflector.
  • Corrugated reflecting surface.
  • Compact and stylish design.


  • Noisy.
  • It does not feature castor wheels

5. V-Guard 800 RH2QT -1000W Room Heater


Instead of using air fans that disperse the heat generated, it uses quartz heat rods which glows and heats up the room.

This power consuming heater heats up a small size room. While you cannot adjust the heat emission settings, but can most certainly control the heat by turning on either one of the heating rod or both of them simultaneously. There is an auto shut off thermostat that turns off the device when the device reaches critical temperature.

Sometimes, if there is a very high temperature inside the room, there are chances of the side plastic melting down. Thus ideally it is used in winters.

It has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Compact
  • budget-friendly
  • Auto shut off the thermostat
  • Quartz heating rods
  • Consumes 800 watts of power (400 watts for each rod)
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty. 


  • The quality of the plastic is not appreciable.

6. Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000W Room Heater (Grey/Black)

Room Heater for winter in India
Room Heater for winter in India

Morphy Richards comes with ultra-stylish design and best performance. It is equipped with safety and power-saving options.

It perfectly balances the electric loads and chooses the appropriate voltage in case of power failures.  Furthermore, it has 9 radiator fins that keep the room temperature warm.

There are 2 tuners, one for heat setting and others to operate in 3 different modes. It has a power LED indicator light that blinks when the device is turn on/off, or when any sought of damage occurs. It has 4-castor wheels (2-front and 2-back) to move the devices freely.

The safety thermal cut off option automatically switches off when it reaches a maximum temperature range and thereby protects against thermal overheating. The product has a 2-years warranty. Its design and working principle are very unique compared to others.


  • 9 fin oil filled the radiator.
  • 2000 W power supply.
  • Power selection knob.
  • 2 years of backup warranty.
  • Adjustable thermostat setting.
  • Castor wheels for easy mobility. 


  • It does not feature a fan.
  • Not  budget-friendly

7. Orient Electric OF0906F 2400 Watts 9 Fins Oil Filled Radiator

This is also a heavy-duty room heater. It comes with an adjustable thermostat that can control temperature settings. It also has an in-built humidifier. There is solid temperature control and the oil-filled radiator ensures smooth operation.

With triple overheat protection, the radiator offers 3 different heating positions(800W, 1200W, 2000W), that can heat up the room. It has 360 degrees rotator fans.

Additionally, there is a 400W heater with a fan for more heating.

The device is capable of heating mid to large rooms. In Contrast, This radiator has 9 fins on its fan. To ensure better, fast and energy-efficient heat dissipation, these fins have an advanced S Shape design.

The storage facility is available for the cord and there are castor wheels to make the device portable. An in-built handle is also available.

Approved by ISI, this oil-based radiator has a one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • High quality, high functioning design
  • Can heat bigger rooms too
  • 360-degree triple overheat protection
  • Cord storage available
  • Castor wheels present
  • ISI Approved
  • 9 Fin fans for more air blowing
  • S-Shaped fan fins for heat dissipation
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty

Disadvantages –

  • High costing

Safety Features

  • Cool-touch: The casing of the heater is heat resistant so it can be safely touched. This feature is not common to all the room heaters. This feature should be specially kept in consideration when there are kids at home.
  • Cut off switch: Some heaters are portable because of their small size and lightweight. So it becomes likely to fall over when something goes into it or while moving it. To reduce the risk of fire hazards, few heaters come with a cut off switch which comes into action when it falls and cuts off power connection to turn off the device immediately.
  • Overheat protection switch: It is found in many devices. An overheat cut off switch activates and automatically turns the device off when the temperature rises above a normal level. Above all, high temperatures can cause melting inside or can cause ignition. It has pre-set temperature after reaching that level,  turns off the device automatically.

Safety Functions

  • Power Cord-It must at least be 70 inches long. Therefore, this allows keeping the heater away from couch, curtains, mattress or carpets without using any extension cord.
  • Moisture control-  Most often, the fan-forced heaters and radiation heaters to burn oxygen to produce heat. This reduces the moisture content in the air and then there are feelings of nausea, dry eyes, itchy skin, dry nose, and many other such problems. In conclusion, to avoid such health problems go for Oil-filled heaters.

Other Features

  • Timer: heaters having timer will let it activate for a specific time period.
  • Remote: heater having remote control will allow you to control it from distance.

Safety tips while using room heater for winter

  • Flammable liquids like alcohol, gasoline, kerosene or paint should not be kept near the room heater. Paper or wooden furniture should also not be kept around a heater.
  • Never keep the room heater in isolation for too long as it can catch fire in any case of tipping.
  • Keep the heater away from curtains as the fan may suck the curtain inside and cause a fire.
  • Damaged heater parts should be used only after repairing.
  • Keep doors and windows close while the room heater is on. Rain or flammable moisture can cause fire or damage.
  • Maintain a distance with the heater while it is on.
  • The heater should always be kept on a flat surface.
  • Never use an extension cord to plug the heater.
  • Keep an eye on kids and pets while the heater is on.
  • Read the user manual carefully before use.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the best Room Heater for winter in India brands?

In India, the most preferred and trusted brands are Usha,  Havells, Bajaj, Morphy Richard, DeLonghi, Crompton Greaves, and others. They are also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

2. What is the cost of a room heater?

The ceramic fan heaters come at Rs.1000-2000. But taking advanced features into count like remote control, timer, thermostat it will cost around Rs.5000-7000. Similarly, the cheapest models of Infrared room heaters are around Rs.1000-1500. Oil-filled heaters are the costliest and starting price is Rs.10000.

3. Room heater or centralized heating system, which one is cost-effective?

If you are planning to buy a number of heaters for separate rooms it is not feasible, it will consume more electricity comparing to centralized heating systems.
If you live in a climate where you don’t need centralized heating throughout the year, then it is more cost and energy-efficient to choose a room heater.

4. Does a room heater produce Carbon monoxide(CO)?

The answer is -No. Electric heaters do not emit carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is released when fuel is burnt and the electric heater does not burn fuels. However, in a gas heater, there are chances of carbon monoxide poisoning. To solve this problem, you need proper ventilation and chimneys.

5. Is it safe to leave the room heater unattended?

No, Never leave a room heater unattended. This can be more serious if there are children or pets at home. However, they can touch it and burn themselves, knock down the device or put something flammable beside which can ignite a fire. Always unplug the device before leaving.

6. Is it safe to keep the heater on throughout while sleeping?

Although the device is equipped with safety features still it is not fully safe to sleep with the heater on.  Even if your heater has an auto-off feature it is still not safe if you have old wiring. In Contrast, Your body needs cooler temperatures for quality sleep. In Addition, If you keep infrared or radiant heaters on for too long it can dry out the moisture from the air which can cause dry eyes, dry nose, and itchy skin. Therefore, To avoid this place a bucket of water inside the room.

7. What size Room Heater for winter in India is suitable?

If you need a room heater to heat up the entire room choose a bigger sized heater with more wattage. In Addition, go for smaller models that are portable and lightweight if you need to carry it to different places.

8. Where should a room heater be kept?

Room heaters should be place in a safe zone, out of reach of kids. For Instance, keep it at a distance from wooden furniture, flammable elements, window curtains, and couch.

9. Why it is better to avoid a gas heater?

There are many reasons for it. It requires professional installing you will also need a chimney to vent out. Thus, its installation is expensive. Natural gas is less expensive in installation and the primary cost is much higher than an electrical heater. The other reason is that gas heaters last for about 10 years on average which is fairly less than an electric heater. Above all, The biggest reason lies in safety issues. With gas heaters there is the possibility of carbon monoxide leakage which is poisonous can cause death at high doses. Another safety issue is catching fire from gas leakage. It should always be kept in control with proper maintenance.

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