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In INDIA, price of Tata Sky HD, SD Set-Top Box Now at Rs. 1,099

Tata Sky Plans cut the prices of its set-top boxes again. It is now available at Rs. 1,099. Rs. 300 price cut on SD and HD set-top boxes have been introducing. The SD set-top-box is now at a low price of Rs. 1,099 and the HD set-top box at Rs. 1,299. The new prices are available on the company website. Because of the price drop, Tata Sky will be ahead of Airtel Digital TV. The latter introduced a new price for its HD set-top box at Rs. 1,300 recently.

Tata Sky Plans

The SD set-top box has a decline of Rs. 300 whereas the HD set-top box has received a price cut of Rs. 200.

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Before this offer, the difference between the SD and HD set-top box price was about Rs. 100 only. The motive behind this was to increase HD content consumption. However, the new price difference between the SD and HD set-top box prices is Rs. 200.

As of now, The new Tata Sky Plans can compete with the new prices of the Airtel Digital TV set-top box.  Airtel Digital TV HD set-top box is set at Rs. 1,300, and an SD set-top box at Rs. 1,100.

Discounts to multi-TV users have been introduced by Tata Sky, wherein the OTT provider is offering the HD set-top box at a price of Rs. 1,199 to multiple TV subscribers.

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