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Google Messages for Android Users Bring End-to-End Encryption

Google Messages
Written by Himanshu Gupta

Google will be rolling out end-to-end encryption for Android users, making it harder for anyone, including law inforcement, to read the content of messages.

In Google Messages, Google utters Thursday it will be spinning out end-to-end encryption for Android users. As making it harder for anyone, involving law enforcement, to pursue the content of messages.

Google Messages
Google Messages

Google’s move is part of an upgrade from SMS to the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard with additional attributes for images and videos.

It will be accessible for people communicating utilizing Android-powered devices.

The move escorts additional privacy and security to Google Messages application. But approaches amid rising complaints from law enforcement agencies around the world that strong encryption may authorize criminals to hide their tracks.

Digital rights activists have long supported strong encryption to permit users to avoid snooping by governments and cybercriminals. But few governments have warned the technology could hinder criminal investigations.

Google Messages
Google Messages

End-to-end encryption is previously accessible on a few services such as Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Yet the company facing resistance over its plan to escort full encryption to its Messenger app.

US Attorney General William Barr joined with British and Australian counterparts in urging Facebook to abandon its encoding, recent year. As it asserting the planned court hurt investigations into child exploitation.

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Civil liberties groups countered that a lack of encryption or privileged avail for law enforcement might hurt privacy and security for all Internet users, creating holes that might be exploited by bad actors.

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