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Garmin Wearables comes with Pregnancy Tracking and offers Kegel Reminders

Garmin Wearables
Written by Himanshu Gupta

Garmin has included a new feature helpful for pregnant women. It brings pregnancy tracking for its wearables, allowing the users to track their pregnancy on a weekly basis and the baby growth patterns. It also shows educational content on nutrition and exercise.

This feature comes through the Garmin Connect IQ app, it can be enabled in the menstrual cycle section. Once it has been enabled and set up, the users can easily alter their training goals and can have Kegel practice and hydration reminders.

The company says that the pregnancy tracking feature is present on the Vivomove wearable range. It could also come to the other Garmin wearables.

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Pregnancy tracking can be enabled in the Garmin Connect app by moving to User Settings > Women’s Health > Cycle Type > Pregnancy. Users will need to provide details on their last menstruation and other information to tell about the current status of their pregnancy. Thereafter, the users will have to download the Pregnancy Tracking Connect IQ app to start using the feature on their wearables.

More updates about the Garmin Wearables

This feature to the Garmin Wearables will track pregnancy week by week. It comes with the ability to manually enter and track the movements of the baby and blood glucose levels. Also, there are reminders for Kegel’s practice and a set of hydration goals. This new feature also brings weight gain recommendations, tracks sleep, and ‘Body Battery’ to ascertain weekly body changes.

Garmin Wearables
Garmin Wearables

Furthermore, the new Garmin pregnancy tracking feature presents educational content associated with exercise and nutrition. It offers an approximate gestational age of the baby and a visual representation of the size of the baby. These features are more or less similar to what other baby tracking apps like the Baby Center provide, but you can get reminders on the wrist and body changes by a wearable.

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