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Facebook Messenger Kids App – Bug

Facebook Messenger Kids App

From few days, Facebook is sending notices to parents of those who are using Facebook Messenger Kids App. The Notice Focuses on a “Technical error” Which allows joining the group chat from both approved and non-Approved contacts.

Facebook Messenger Kids App

Normally, Facebook Messenger Kids App not allows chatting with non-approved contact through Messenger kids group chat feature. The issue has been notified quietly to parents by Facebook but not publicly addressed.

The Verge confirmed the authenticity of the notice with Facebook and the notice was sent to “thousands of users in recent days” according to The Verge.

Facebook messenger kids is an application launched by Facebook which is a similar version of Facebook messenger for kids. Through which children’s can only communicate with those which are strictly approved by the parents. It means kids can only communicate with allowed contacts.

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Facebook Messenger Kids App

The main problem came from the difficulty of permissions when it comes to group chat. For example, I as a parent-approved Alex but not Tony. But when my kid starts chatting in a group, he or she can also chat with the non-approved contacts means from Tony. But this Bug is not in case normal chat option.

Facebook Messenger Kids App

Conclusion: –

Presently, it has been not noticed from how long the problem is there. But the bug is a serious matter since this app is only children below the age of 13. Facebook Messenger Kids App should work upon the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) which highlights the collection of the data of the children. In contrast Due to this, Facebook has to see the of the heavy fines from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

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