Apple AR Glasses to arrive in 2020

In 2020, Apple is believed to bring its AR glasses. The company is planning to enable its AR headset to work with the iPhone to display text messages, emails, games and maps. Reports say that the company has started hiring experts in the fields of graphics and game development to make its new offering successful.

Apple is working to succeed with its AR headset. The company has considered an App Store for its headset, similar to its Apple TV and Apple Watch.

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Apple could unveil its AR headset in  2020 in partnership with third parties.

In addition to the AR glasses, Apple is also working on a new iPhone model that will launch in 2020 with a 3D camera setup at the back and a beefier processor. The 3D camera setup will insist on the next-generation iPhone to improve AR experiences.

Reports say that the 2020 iPhone models will have Time-of-Flight (ToF) 3D sensors. The company is also to bring 5G support to its iPhone portfolio next year.

Apple plans to bring a new Apple Watch model with sleep-tracking features. Additionally, there are new Mac machines with custom processors also. The company would provide a greater battery life through the custom processors.

2020 will be an important year not just for Apple but also for many Apple users who are waiting for the AR headset and the all-new iPhone.

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